Our May 2016 box

Our May 2016 box

Our May tea box

This month at BRUU (MAY 2016) we're exploring our inner child. Sounds deep hey but bear with us...We want you to enjoy one of life's simple pleasures just like you may have done as a child.

Remember those sunny afternoons when your mum laid a blanket on the lawn and you enjoyed an afternoon drinking 'air tea' with your best friends Mr Flopsy and Little Ted? Maybe it was just a little girl thing but I seem to recall my picnics were well attended by my older brothers too! So this month take your BRUU box (and your loved ones) on a picnic.

The difference now is you won't be drinking 'air tea' and boy have we got some real tea for you this month. Our Garden of the Med is a sunny blend of olive leaves, pomegranates and strawberry pieces. It tastes great hot but even better as an iced tea, so be sure to give that a try. If you are wondering how to make iced tea simply brew using hot water as usual, then pop it in the freezer until suitably cool before adding a few ice cubes and a slice of lemon. Delicious!

We've also included our Exotic Lychee Green. You won't find teas like this at the supermarket so we hope you enjoy its exotic taste. If you've ever been to Italy you may recall getting a tasty little biscuit with your hot drinks. So we've blended an Indian black leaf with natural spices to create our very own Biscotti BlackIt's a very sophisticated tea that will be great company at your picnic and we're hoping to win a Taste Award with it next year.

This months treats are sure to compliment your BRUU picnic. Special thanks to Graze.com for their healthy Chocolate Cherry Tart; because no picnic would be complete without a cake. Feel free to use this leaflet as a mini picnic blanket and since this picnic is more grown up we've also included a handy saucer for your tea cup.

Happy picnicking people and remember to share it with us on Facebook or Twitter.

With love
BRUU Founder

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