Our April Box 2016

This month at BRUU we’re celebrating the wonders of the night sky and we’d like you to celebrate with us too. We’ve added a few space treats for you to enjoy like flying saucers and shooting chocolate meteors. But the real treat this month is our spacey tea collection...

Our Milky Way Mate is rich in liquorice and caramel offering a smooth creamy brew. Deep Space Black is grown high up in the Sri Lankan mountains at the renowned Nuwara Eliya tea estate; over 8000 ft above sea level. This high altitude helps to create a very mellow and floral cup. Finally, our Lullaby Dream Catcher is bursting with aromas of fruit, flowers and blossom, we love this colourful, caffeine-free infusion a lot!

So what has inspired us to go all Professor Brian Cox on you? Well, this month is a unique opportunity to witness The Lyrid Meteor Shower. Active between 16th to the 25th April every year and peaking around the 22/23rd it’s a beautiful spectacle of up to 20 shooting stars an hour at its peak. The best time to witness this wonderful light show is after midnight and before dawn. What better way to enjoy a delicious, hot BRUU than under a blanket of shooting stars?

But Anneka, I know nothing about star gazing!’ I hear you cry. Don’t worry with the free Skyview mobile phone app (available in the app store) you can point your phone to the sky and discover exactly what you’re looking at. But if you’re not that tech savvy you can always just look up in wonder - which would be my preference.

Have a wonderful April and remember to check out the new Teatox product if you’re feeling the need to kick start a healthier you following Easter. We’re not judging, promise. To infinity and beyond,

BRUU Founder

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