Spring Has Arrived.

Spring Has Arrived.

The weather across the country last weekend got me super excited. 

The sun getting higher in that cloudless blue sky pulled me out of bed at 6:15am - I didn’t want to miss a minute of what this gorgeous earth had to offer me. 

And what better place to get a great feel for spring than North Yorkshire. 

I promptly laid out my OS Map next to my breakfast cereal and scanned for an area that suited my needs. Water, hills and a forest. Got it. Nidderdale. Leighton Reservoir. That'll do.

Spring Bird

With my new lightweight travel hammock packed tightly into my rucksack alongside a flask of BRUU tea and some yummy snacks I set off.

Once I arrived I scrambled up some rocks and tracked upstream along a trickling beck to the source - a waterfall. There I spotted two perfectly arranged pine trees on either side of the beck ideal for my new hammock. A few minutes later I poured a cup of BRUU Rose Amour tea, dunked a custard cream and laid in awe of my moment.

The soothing beck flowing underneath from left to right ear.  Above me, the bright baby blue sky against the backdrop of gently swaying pine giants who'd kindly allowed me to borrow their strength and stability for an hour. I was in heaven.

But things were about to get better...

Like most young boys growing up I found a love for nature and especially birds; a love that has stayed with me later in life.  So for other twitchers (though I am far from one myself) you''ll appreciate my excitement when I glanced upwards after taking the final sips of my BRUU. There it was, chattering overhead and a sure sign of spring and warmer times. The mighty swallow. My sunny Sunday was complete.

Thank you North Yorkshire. Thank you BRUU. Thank you mighty swallow.

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