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Tea that taste like a Sunday Roast?

Here at BRUU we’re fascinated with the diversity of flavours that we’re able to blend into a truly satisfying, tasty and welcoming beverage.

For instance in our March box we included a tea called Carrot Cake made almost entirely of carrot flakes. An unusual ingredient that most wouldn’t expect to find within a tea right? But it tasted delicious!

So we thought, could we push the frontiers any further? Allow us to introduce a blend that is coming soon exclusively to BRUU - Sunday Roast.

Our blenders were asked to think outside the box and come up with their most extreme edition yet. We were really impressed and we know you will be too. It's a healthy and intriguing beverage inspired by the British countryside and brought together with the skill and experience you have come to expect here at BRUU.

We hope this is going to become part of Britain’s staple diet. Check our Sunday Roast now:

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