Tinderet, Africa

Tinderet, Africa

This month we’re taking you to the continent of Africa. Inside your golden Discover sachet, you’ll find a Kenyan, West-of-Rift, Organic Green tea from the acclaimed Tinderet Plantation. Handpicked from the Nandi County, the farm’s altitude and well-drained soils give rise to a characteristically aromatic, clean and crisp green tea that is packed with powerful antioxidants.  

Tinderet is one of the few tea producers in East Africa processing green tea and is one of the most picturesque farms, with abundant wildlife such as the Colobus and Vervet monkeys and elephants living in the neighbouring forest. Due to its beautiful slopes, which are often illuminated by powerful storms, the Tinderet Tea Plantation earns its name as the ‘place of lightning’.

Tinderet’s unique microclimate produces revitalising teas with a recognisable rich coloured liquor, perfect as a refreshing pick-me-up for a busy lifestyle. The rich, red volcanic soils and mild temperatures of the Nandi Hills combine to make for excellent tea cultivation conditions which leads to a very strong tea if brewed in the traditional manner. A shorter infusion time coupled with a smaller volume of tea is recommended. We love its fresh character and the sweet grassy flavour, with gentle cut grass undertones and a sweet zesty aroma, it is so fresh!

Why we love Tinderet
All of the teas from this plantation come with a Tea Passport. This acts as a code of conduct endorsed by several certification bodies and guarantees quality, sustainability and ethical tea manufacture. The plantation is driven by a desire to ensure future generations and wildlife can continue to thrive in this fertile and wild region.


Location: Nandi County
Country: Kenya
Capital City: Nairobi
Coordinates: 1°16′S 36°48′E
Elevation: 2,085 m above sea level
Soil type: Red, humic top soils
Manufacture: Smallhold tea estates
Season: Summer
Av temp: 22 °C 

> Mt Kenya is the 2nd largest mountain in Africa
> Hunting is illegal in Kenya
> The Great Rift Valley was formed over 20 million years ago.
> 68 different languages are spoken in Kenya
> Kenya has a car-free Island