Rwanda- Broken Pekoe

Rwanda- Broken Pekoe
This month we’re visiting Rwanda. Rwanda is a landlocked country in Africa, located in the Great Rift Valley, where East Africa and the African Great Lakes converge.  It is highly elevated and often known as ‘The Land of a Thousand Hills’ as it is dominated by beautiful mountains. Rwanda has three national parks, with the Volcanoes National Park housing the largest population of mountain gorillas in the world.     

Rwanda has a growing economy with a pristine natural environment. As Rwanda’s economy grows, they place more and more emphasis on conservation. The beautiful nature of Rwanda consists of dense forests and large mountains, which hosts a wide range of wildlife, birds and plants. In amongst this nature, you will find the lush green hills on which the tea plantations reside, where the volcanic soil makes tea production ideal. The first tea plant was planted in Rwanda in the 1920s, but it wasn’t until the 1950’s that tea production took off. It quickly became the second biggest export after coffee - today it’s a big business, and Rwanda tea has gained global acceptance for being naturally high quality. Most of the tea grown in the country is black tea, with 99% of tea consumed by locals being black tea and the remaining 1% being green tea. So despite being relatively new to the tea-growing game, Rwanda has seen great success from this production, with several large tea plantations alongside many small-holdings that follow the orthodox method to create delicious tea. Today Rwanda ranks 20th globally for the most tea exported. Unfortunately changing climates are creating uncertainty for the industry. But with the right planning and global efforts to tackle climate change, Rwanda can remain a leading exporter.

Why we love Rwanda BP
A broken Pekoe with a bright and lively look and taste. With malty undertones and hints of macadamia, this tea is just perfect with milk. Though it is still delightful to drink plain. Enjoy this tea at any time of day, but best served mid-morning.

Location: Byumba
Country: Rwanda
Capital City: Kigali
Coordinates: 1.6185° S, 30.1127° E
Elevation: 2,237 m
Soil type: Volcanic
Manufacturer: Small Holdings     
Season: Year-Round
Av temp: 22 °C

Fun facts:
>  Women make up 61% of the Rwandan Parliament.
>  Rwanda is the smallest country in East Africa.
>  Conservation is a big priority in Rwanda.
>  Every last Saturday of the month is a community workday.
>  Once a month, Rwanda has a car-free day.
>  Rwanda has four official languages.