Phetchabun Tea Plantation - Thailand

Phetchabun Tea Plantation - Thailand
This month we visited the Phetchabun Province in North Central Thailand to source an amazing Organic Lemongrass. The word phetcha originates from the Sanskrit word vajra meaning ‘diamond’ and the word ‘bun’ from Sanskrit purna meaning ‘perfect’. So enjoy this 'perfect diamond' tea.

Thailand produces outstanding lemongrass, thanks to its tropical climate, year-round sunshine, heat and waves of rain. Our lemongrass is grown in Phetchabun which has small half-hectare plots, all privately owned by hundreds of farmers who grow, harvest, and sell their lemongrass in small batches to customers around the world. Fields are owned and farmed by local families, who continue to use traditional farming methods, including harvesting by hand using scythes. Lemongrass is cut every 3 to 4 weeks and it takes up to a week to cut a field.

Lemongrass is continually harvested throughout most of the year, although this is a crop whose quality is highly dependent on weather and growing conditions. Rather than stocking up and filling large warehouses, Thai lemongrass is produced to order so that only the freshest ingredients are shipped out. While this is wonderful for maintaining the quality of their teas, it also means that when weather conditions become uncooperative, supplies become very limited. So we are very fortunate to have this amazingly fresh tea.

Lemongrass tea is packed with health benefits and its antioxidants and anti-microbial properties help reduce infections and the effects of diseases have on the body.

Location: Phetchabun Province
Country: Thailand
Capital City: Phetchabun
Coordinates: 16°20′N 101°06′E
Elevation: 120m above sea level
Soil type: Clayey silt
Manufacture: Smallholder  
Season: All Seasons
Av temp: 26.0 °C

Fun facts:
> Cha Yen, or Thai iced tea, is adored and consumed by the locals.
> The first known Siamese twins were born in Thailand.
> A festival dedicated entirely to monkeys is in Thailand.
> Thailand is home to a fish that can walk on land.
> You can order a colour changing tea made from a flower.