Nepal - The Terai

Nepal - The Terai

This month we’re visiting The Terai which is a lowland region in Nepal running parallel to the lower ranges of the Himalayas. Nepal is a landlocked country which is bordered by India and Tibet. Due to it’s mountainous topography, many might expect Nepal to be cold, however in the Terai the conditions are more humid and tropical.

Nepal is an incredibly diverse country, nestled in between Tibet and India there are approximately 60 ethnic groups and 70 different languages, with the two most popular religions being Hinduism and Buddhism. The country is also diverse in terrain, boasting 8 of the top 10 world’s highest mountains! Interestingly, Nepal’s flag is the only national flag in the world that is not square.

Nepal is quite new to the tea-growing trade. It is said that the first tea bushes were gifted to Nepal’s Prime Minister in 1863 by a Chinese emperor. Though another version states the Prime Minister’s Son-in-Law decided to grow tea in the country after visiting the Darjeeling region of India. Regardless of which is true, today Nepal has over 85 plantations that export large quantities of tea worldwide. The tea produced in Nepal offers livelihood to many people and the industry is an important source of employment.

The eastern region of Nepal is where most tea is grown. The region is very close to Darjeeling in India. This area gets just the right amount of sun, mountain fog and has a moderate temperature which allows the tea to be cultivated. The tea grown here is often likened to Darjeeling, and whilst there are some similarities they each truly have their own complex flavours and distinct aromas.

Why we love Terai Black
This tea is perfect for the mornings as it has a moderate amount of caffeine but is full of antioxidants. It is a full-bodied tea that is quite rich in flavour. It is malty with a slight toastiness. We recommend drinking it hot, but it can also be enjoyed iced. 

Location: The Terai
Country: Nepal
Capital City: Kathmandu
Coordinates: 24.9742° N, 78.4716° E
Elevation: 300m 
Soil type: Alluvial
Manufacture: Small Holdings     
Season: July
Av temp: -20.2 °C

Fun facts:
>  Nepal’s national sport is volleyball.
>  Daal Bat (lentils and rice) is a staple in the Nepalese diet.
>  Elephant polo originated in Nepal.
>  It is considered rude to eat with your left hand.
>  Killing a cow will get you 12 years in prison.
>  Half of the population survive on $1 USD per person per day.