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Lozan Dam Plantation - Croatia

This month we have decided to pay homage to those on the front line of the coronavirus pandemic. In honour of these people, we have devoted this month to them. Our holographic rainbow discover tea packet represent how they're shining examples, they may be saviours to one, but they're heroes to all.

This month we’re taking you to the subtropical Slavonian country in Northern Croatia. Representing a blend of social influences beginning in the late 16th Century, the region preserves its traditional culture through folklore and festivals. These celebrations of cultural identity are usually through music, more specifically, the "tumburica" which is the incarnation of Slovenia culture. Paired harmoniously with Mediterranean Lavender, this infusion is the incarnation of the calm our heroes have, a sense of peace in troubling times. This tea is natural aromatherpay in a mug, evoking wellness, peace and harmony. The lavender, a lighthouse, cutting through the sweet sea of this utilitarian chamomile. The chamomile is from the Lozan Dam estate, a family business that started with just 15ha of land for medicinal chamomile and now has over 400ha; producing around 600 tons of chamomile annually, in an organic, ecological and sustainable way. What better way to thank our hard-working hereos than to dedicate this BRUU to you, so sit back put your feet up and enjoy this calming Hero BRUU - you deserve it.

Location: Lozan near Virovitica 
Country: Croatia
Capital City: Zagreb
Coordinates: 45°53′N 17°17′E 
Elevation: 1,117m elevation above sea level  
Soil type: Sandy Soil 
Manufacture: Small holdings
Season: Summer
Av temp: 27 °C

Fun facts:
> Coratia has 1246 islands.
> The country are the inventors of the necktie.
> It is home of the world’s biggest truffle.
> The word ‘pen’ comes from Croatian Slavoljub Penkala.
> Roman Gladiators used to fight here.
> 10% of Croatia is made up of natural parks and reserves.


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