Kenya Tinderet Grower Leaflet

Kenya Tinderet

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Kenya Tea

This month we’re going to Nandi in Kenya. Kenya is located on the east coast of Africa, bordered by the Indian Ocean and famed for its incredible natural scenery and vast wildlife reserves. Home to stunning coastlines, mountains, and famous natural landmarks such as Lake Victoria and the Great Rift Valley, Kenya is a country like no other. 

Kenya is a popular place for lovers of wildlife and the great outdoors. Whilst it’s well known for its lowland savannas which make it a great place for safari adventures, Kenya’s ecosystems also feature swamps, mountains, deserts and forests. These varying ecological systems each have their own mix of biodiversity, expect to see lions, elephants, rhinos, crocodiles, leopards, giraffes and plenty more! Kenya has set up more than 50 reserves to protect these animals and preserve the natural environment. Kenya has an extensive history, for centuries the country was a major hub for trade with other African countries as well as Middle Eastern ones, which has resulted in a cultural melting pot with many different ethnic groups and languages. Today, Kenya’s biggest trade export is coffee, but the idyllic climate in the tea-growing regions allows the country to produce large quantities of fine tea. Tea has been grown in Kenya since 1903, its location on the equator allows for year-round production. There is an emphasis on black tea, though other varieties are produced. Kenyan teas are often bright and colourful and praised for their freshness. The country consistently ranks as one of the world’s largest tea exporters, after China and India.

Why we love Tinderet Green
Tinderet green tea is a brighter and more golden style of tea with a clean aroma. The taste is slightly sweet and extremely fresh making it the perfect pick me up, especially on those busy days. It is full-bodied and full of natural flavour.


Location: Nandi
Country: Kenya
Capital City: Nairobi
Coordinates: 0.0320° S, 35.3494° E
Elevation: 2,500m
Soil type: Red Volcanic Soils
Manufacturer: Small Holdings     
Season: Year-Round
Av temp: 25 °C



Fun facts:
>  Kenya’s Lamu Island is completely car-free. 
>  There are over 60 languages spoken in Kenya.
>  Most drinks are consumed hot or at room temperature - never cold
>  There’s over 536km of coastline.
>  There is a village in Kenya where only women are allowed.
>  Football is the most popular sport.