Sourenee Tea Plantation, India

Sourenee Tea Plantation, India

This month we’re visiting the Sourenee Tea Estate in India, bringing you an exclusive green Darjeeling tea. Situated in the picturesque Mirik Valley of the Darjeeling district in West Bengal, India, the name Sourenee is a combination of two words; “Sour” and “Rani”. Sour is a tree that grows specifically in this region, which has medicinal value, and Rani translates to “Queen of the Valley”.

Very close to the Nepalese border, the Darjeeling region was historically used as a pitstop by brave Everest climbers, but now its famous for the rare teas that are enough to draw in the crowds. The Sourenee estate is rich in minerals, which creates a distinct flavour, and a tea that is highly regarded. So sought after is the ‘Darjeeling’ title, it now has Protected Geographical Indication status, meaning that in major markets, such as the EU, Darjeeling can only be labelled as such if it contains 100% true Darjeeling tea.

Our Sourenee has sappy, grassy notes, overlain with soft fruits and a deep grapey aroma. The well twisted green leaf provides an earthy undertone. We are proud to share this treasured tea with you. You’re Welcome!

Why we love Sourenee?
Due to the altitudes, tricky growing conditions and limited space, the Darjeeling district only produces 1% of India's tea, at just 8,000 tonnes each year. This makes our Sourenee extremely rare, as it’s one of only a few estates able to produce a green Darjeeling tea.

Location: Sourenee Tea Estate
Country: Mirik Valley, India
Capital City: New Delhi
Coordinates: 26°51'29.5"N 88°12'10.7"E
Elevation: 700-1300m above sea level
Soil type: Stiff red loam with clay
Manufacture: Roasted Green Tea
Season: Early Second Flush
Av temp: 18°C
Estate size: 157 hectares

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