Rutsiro Tea Plantation, Rwanda

Rutsiro Tea Plantation, Rwanda

This month we are visiting the Rutsiro Tea Plantation in Rwanda. One of the smallest countries in Africa, at 26,338 square kilometers to be exact. Rwandan tea is often overlooked, however with its delicate flavours, and beautiful golden colour, the country's tea is certainly more than worthy of making a guest tea placement on the first step of our new exploration journey!

The Rutsiro Tea Factory is located 124 km from Kigali city. It sits overlooking the stunning Lake Kivu. The factory employs 1000 workers and plays an active role in the local community. It has helped to build schools, health care centers, feeder roads, houses for the poor and even contribute to the national program of one cow per poor family, by annually giving livestock to the needy families. Recently the plantation built two hydro-power plants along Giciye River that supply 8 MW to the national grid.

This Rutsiro Organic FOP has a beautiful delicate thickness, with a bright, brisk, and biscuity flavour profile. Long on the finish, its golden hues are a treat for the eyes too. Try it on its own, with a dash of honey, or with milk.

Why we love Rutsiro?
The elevation moderates the effects of the equatorial temperatures. The mountains mean what little rainfall there is, is captured, and the cold nights place the tea bush under stress, creating more distinctive flavours.

Location: Rutsiro Tea Plantation
Country: Rwanda
Capital City: Kigali
Coordinates: 1°56'37.6"S 30°04'20.4"E
Elevation: 2340m above sea level
Soil type: Volcanic
Manufacture: Black Orthodox & CTC
Season: Year-round, peaks Jul-Sept
Av temp: High 26°C/Low 16°C

> It’s one of only two countries with a female parliamentary majority
> Rwanda is known as the land of 1000 hills.
> Imigongo is artwork painted with cow dung.
> Music and dance are an integral part of Rwandan culture.