Bogapani Tea Estate, India

Bogapani Tea Estate, India

This months discover tea is a special Christmas chai blend, from the renowned Bogapani Tea Estate, in Assam. It's a single estate, which means all the ingredients used to make the tea are from the same plantation, which is called Bogapani.

It was originally planted in 1916, making it one of the oldest estates in Assam. In local dialect, the estate means 'clear water, and it is situated very close to the upper Dehing Reserve Forest where leopards, tigers, elephant and porcupines roam.

Assam, a state in Northeast India, is well known for its tea production along with its rich culture and vibrant environment. For example, tea is so important to this culture that they even have their own festival to celebrate it, called the Assam Tea Festival, held in November.

This month's Bogapani is rich and malty, whilst the added cinnamon and orange peel give it a sweet aftertaste; making it perfect for a winters day to get you in the mood for Christmas. The tea is from the higher quality June harvest and utilises the fresher, fine-needle leaves. Most of Assam focuses on mass-produced tea, but this Bogapani is reserved for the luxury end of the market. In appearance, the tea is a light brown cup, which will work well with milk and even a touch of honey.

Why we love Bogapani?
The tea bushes on the Bogapani plantation are well established, and so the harvest is consistent year-round. More established plants also produce better tea leaves and this Assam is no exception. It is extremely rich, luxurious and malty which works perfectly with the cinnamon and orange. Most chai teas contain many complex ingredients, but this Bogapani tea can hold itself with just three.

Location: Bogapani, Assam
Country: India
Capital City: New Delhi
Coordinates: 2726'27.8"N 95°37'01.9"E
Elevation: 130m above sea level
Soil type: Alluvium
Manufacture: Orthodox (Leaf grade TGFOP1)
Season: Second Flush
Av temp: 23°C
Estate size: 840 Ha, 1895 Workforce 

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