Blend of the Gardens Plantation, Iran

Blend of the Gardens Plantation, Iran

This month we invite you to discover Persian Tea. Inside your golden Discover sachet is an organic orthodox black tea with added rosehip from the Blend of Gardens Plantation in the Gilan and Mazndaran province of Iran. 

The future of tea in Iran looks bleak, as the farmers seldom prioritise the cultivation needed to produce high-quality harvests. As a result, most teas from Iran focus on the budget-end of the market where the tea is brisker and more astringent; compared to those from India or Sri Lanka. In part, this is down to the northerly latitude - whilst the Caspian Sea helps to reduce the impact of cold winters it does mean a shorter season and limited yield.

Despite this outlook, there are some estates which are passionate about tea and are working hard to turn the fortunes of tea export in Iran around - the relatively unknown Blend of Gardens Plantation is one of them. They produce an amazing organic black tea which lacks the astringency often found in teas from Iran and the manual harvesting maintains the flaky and lightness in the leaf, which comes through during the brewing. The estate harvests tea in three stages of spring, summer and autumn, with the best teas produced in spring.

Iran has Prince Mirza to thank for its tea industry. He disguised himself as a French labourer in the 19th Century to gain employment in a British-run tea plantation, where he learned the necessary understanding of tea production and made off with 4000 tea plants which he planted in the Kangra Valley. He disclosed it to his British hosts but, was afforded protection because of his royal standing. In Iran, tea is enjoyed in a Persian style, made over a Samovar and with added sugar or saffron rock for sweetness.

Why we love Persian Tea
We love the light body of the tea balance by the subtle acidity of the rosehip. The deep red hue make us think of cosy nights by the fire. Added Rosehip is not just flavourful and pretty to look at, they it’s good for you too, thanks to the added antioxidants, minerals and vitamins it provides.

Location: Gilan and Mazandaran
Country: Iran
Capital City: Tehran
Coordinates: 35°41′N 51°25′E
Elevation: 1,305 m above sea level 
Soil type: Brown clay forest soil
Manufacture: Smallhold tea estates
Season: Spring
Av temp: 26 °C

Fun facts:
> Iran, traditionally ‘Persia,’ is a country in Southwest Asia.
> Tehran means ‘warm slope’. 
> Iran controls 50% of the Caspian Sea caviar market.
> Iran built the earliest known windmills.