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Y-2 Precision Filling Machine


Y-2 Precision Filling Machine
Y-2 Precision Filling Machine Y-2 Precision Filling Machine


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What is the Y-2 

The Y-2  is a state of the art weighing and filling machine. Simply load the ingredients into the top of the hopper, enter your desired weight and Y-2 will automatically weigh the ingredients and dispense the exact amount in a matter of seconds.

 Pack ingredients 90% faster than by hand
 Accurate to within 0.2g reducing wastage
 Food grade stainless steel improves hygiene
 Compact size fits on table top
 Packs tea, coffee, herbs, components, grain, powders and much more.

The Y-2 is super compact and ideal for positioning on table tops. Unlike the Y-1, it's bigger brother, the Y-2 can also handle lighter ingredients like flour, coffee grounds and very light teas.

Looking for a bigger version of Y-2? Click here >>

The Y-2 Story..

When we first started BRUU we packed our teas by hand (clean ones of course!) but as we got bigger this was not possible. So we asked large specialist packing companies and was surprised to hear that they would hand pack our teas too, unless we used a none-resealable bag.  So we decided to create our own machine which could accurately weight and fill ingredients in a fraction of the time and with much more accuracy.

This machine alone has increased our tea packing speed by over 90% and improved bag accuracy by 35%.

We loved what we had created so much that we decided to share it with the world and help other companies improve how they pack their ingredients. 

Packing Range: Particle, powder and granules such as flour, milk powder, plaster, chemical powder, coffee grounds, medicinal herbs, seeds, rice, salt, spices, tea leaves.
Average Speed: 10-20 bags per minute (material and weight dependant)
Filling Range: 2-200g (but can be customised for 2-2000g)
Precision: 0.2g
Hoper Volume: 2kg
  • Intelligent micro-computer control
  • Infrared dispense (optional foot pedal)
  • Vibration feed for even mixtures & reduces material damage
  • Automatic dispense block for controlled filling
  • Stainless steel parts reduce contamination
  • Anti-shock system reduces noise and vibration
  • Adjustable packing speed
  • Digitally adjust weight
  • Auto-empty for left over contents
  • Easy clean with full access
  • Table top size and lightweight (10.5kg)
  • Digital display shows packing weight and total dispenses
  • Energy Efficiency A+ rated low energy consumption
    Certification: CE European Pass
    Material: Stainless Steel (304 Grade)
    Expected Lifespan: 1,000,000+ dispenses
    Warranty: 1 year
    Dimensions: 43 x 33 x 61cm
    Hoper Volume: 10.5kg
    Voltage: 220v

    To learn more please email call 01748 471 099


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