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A green tea blend with pumpkin, orange and grapefruit hints - a citrus wonder!

What it is?
A green tea blend with pumpkin, orange and grapefruit hints - a citrus wonder!

Why we love it
This blend is silky in the mouth, with smooth yet robust flavours- a warming, homely tea

Where it’s from
Green tea leaves sourced from one of the most important tea regions in the world, Fujian Province, China. The Chinese Province of Fujian lies on the coast of the South China Tea across the straits from Taiwan. The climate of coastal Fujian is sub tropical with good amounts of summer rainfall. An overwhelming majority of the province is mountainous; Fujian is also the most heavily forested province of China, with a forest coverage rate of about 63%.

How our drink hits the senses
A citrus explosion enters the vicinity; the freshness of the green tea is also apparent...excited to taste!

The taste journey
Juicy grapefruit flavours combined with the sweetness of orange and a trace of very delicate pumpkin awaken your taste buds and your craving for a second or third cup! Summer in a cup.

Best enjoyed;
1tsp //  75-80°C  // 1-3 mins

Nothing but...

Green Tea, Pumpkin Cubes, Orange Peel, Carrot Flakes, Natural Flavouring.

Store in a cool, dry place


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