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Just sip your stress away

What it is?
A beautiful blend of green tea leaves, hemp leaves, and chunky mango pieces. 

Why we love it
Green tea with a fresh and fruity flavour of mango and citrus fruits. As well as containing natural vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants the cannabinoid compounds found in the hemp leaf provide a host of other benefits.

Where it’s from
The prefecture of Mie is located on the main island of Honshu in the region of Kinki.
The Kansai region is a cultural centre and the historical heart of Japan, with 11% of the nation's land area and 22,757,897 residents.
Mie is the third biggest green tea growing region in Japan. The area is famous mainly for its half-shaded Kabusecha tea, as well as for its high-quality Sencha.
In its city of Ise is one of Japan’s holiest sites, the Ise Grand Shrine, a Shinto complex inside Ise-Shima National Park.

How our drink hits the senses:
The subtle sweetness of the blackberry leaves excellently complements the flavour of hemp.  We were pleasantly surprised by this blend.   

Best enjoyed;
1tsp // 80°C // 2-4 mins

Nothing but…

Green Tea (65 %), Mango Flakes, Carrot Shreds, Hemp Leaves (8%), Natural Flavouring, Sweet Blackberry Leaves, Safflower.

Store in a cool, dry place

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