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A creamy, strawberry filled fruit tea - close your eyes and you're in cheesecake heaven.

What it is?
A creamy, strawberry filled fruit tea - close your eyes and you're in cheesecake heaven. 

Why we love it
A really refreshingly fruity BRUU that will make you a fruit tea convert.

Where it’s from
The finest and freshest British fruit from sustainable farming sources combined with other carefully sourced ingredients. The fruits are specially processed to ensure the tea is almost acid-free, leaving a smooth taste profile.

How our drink hits the senses
This blend’s captivating feature is the perfect match between tangy strawberries and creamy notes - a visually appealing tea blend. Strawberry notes are at the forefront of this particular steep - a few minutes down the line and a creamy scent support the warmth and aromatic smell of this popular berry.

The taste journey
Liquid strawberry cheesecake...amazing! This tea is so clever, you imagine most fruit teas to taste like warmed up cordial but this clever low-acidic blend tastes so natural and balanced.

Best enjoyed;
1tsp //  100°C  // 10-12 mins

Nothing but…

Apple Pieces, Rosehip Peel, Hibiscus Petals, Coconut Shreds, Roasted Coconut Chips, Orange Peel, Freeze-Dried Strawberry Pieces and Rose Petals.

Store in a cool, dry place


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