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Emperors Seven Treasures


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A light, sophisticated black lovingly blended with flower petals, sencha and peach that’s fit for an emperor

How our drink hits the senses:

Whilst sitting dry in its container waiting to become your BRUU;
The first smell you get is like Palma Violet sweets but then this is rounded by the peach. It's mesmerising.

As the drink is BRUUing;
Subtle, light, sophisticated. Such a complex yet simple scent.

The taste journey;
Amazing. It taste so light yet all the flavours are balanced and coming through. The black and green tea leaves working together in harmony with the peach and rose. One of our personal BRUU favorites!

Best enjoyed;
1tsp // 80-100°C // 2-3 mins.

Nothing but…

Black Tea, Green Tea, Rose, Peach & Sunflower Blossoms.


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