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Only the very best ingredients for our flavoured organic Rooibos tea blend. A taste of summer.

What it is?
Organic rooibos tea, with heaps of blueberries. Fennel and honey undertones, with cornflowers thrown in for good measure - Yummy!

Why we love it
A taste like summer: a sea of blueberries as far as the eye can reach. Ripe and juicy like a true masterpiece of nature. 

Where it’s from
Rooibos tea is quintessentially South Africa. It is like the country in a cup. Drinking Rooibos tea, otherwise known as red bush tea, is a lifestyle in South Africa. The Western Cape is the only place in the world where Rooibos grows. The secret is the Mediterranean climate and the acidic sandy soil, which the seedlings, which are planted in the midst of autumn, thrive on.

How our drink hits the senses
Fennel is the big feature, with tart blueberry peeping in.  As the drink infuses the fennel calms down as the sweetness of the rooibos and blueberry comes to the fore.

The taste journey
Mild, sweet, and perfectly balanced. Honeybush and fennel underline the sweetness in this well-balanced blend and bring about the unique flavour of this tea, which will surely capture the rays of sun in your cup.

Best enjoyed;
1tsp // 100°C // 3-4 mins

Nothing but…

Organic Rooibos Tea, Blueberries, Cornflowers & Fennel seed

Store in a cool, dry place


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