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BRUU - The Gourmet Subscription Tea Club - Always takes tOolong -


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Aromatic and warming Oolong blend that you hope never ends.

How our drink hits the senses:

Whilst sitting dry in its container waiting to become your BRUU;
That mild nutty and roasted taste is there enjoying its time alongside her fruity friends.

As the drink is BRUUing;
Here at BRUU this is a favourite.  We love smelling the stages of this drinks development.

The initial warm fruit snap then the lemon grass comes alive and finally the oolong makes an appearance. 

The taste journey;
An incredible blend made in heaven.  Gently knitted together to create one of our favorites.

Best enjoyed;
1tsp //  80°C  // 1 mins

Nothing but…

Oolong tea, olive leaves, apple pieces, pear pieces, carrot bits, beetroot & ginger bits.


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