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All of our teas are available to buy online in our Teashop. Our *past teas are all listed below so you can easily find them. You can rate teas in our bright ideas section.

Month  Past Teas
Oct 2017 If Terry's Did Rooibos, Lockhart OrthodoxFunky Plum
Sept 2017 Blackcurrant Breeze, Pina Colada Green, Lovely Liquorice
Aug 2017 Authentic Dark Chai, Hojicha Green, Minty Grass
July 2017 Downy White, Bancha Green, KTDA
June 2017 Camomile, Hibiscus GreenLancashire Blend
May 2017 Earthy Oolong, Ministers Earl Grey, Orangey Green
Apr 2017 Good Morning GrapefruitPopcorn GreenAfter Eights
Mar 2017 Lockhart Gold, Lockhart Orthodox, Lockhart Green
Feb 2017 Malibu Dream, Mayfair Black, Congou Mao Jia Green
Jan 2017 We Love Mango, Rose Amour Black, Sweet Vanilla Black
Dec 2016 Chococo Black, Cheeky Digestive, Yummy Almond Green
Nov 2016 Winter Warmer, China Keemun, Ginger Bread Man
Oct 2016 Russian Blend, Lemon Meets Ginger, Korakundah
Sept 2016 Fiery Bush, Nepal Green, It's Just Assam
Aug 2016 Vietnam OP, Brazilian Blend, Pina Green
July 2016 Summer Punch, Rhubarby Lapacho, Blood Orange
June 2016 Melfort Green, Emperors Seven Treasures, Honeybush Chocolate Cake
May 2016 Garden of the Med, Exotic Lychee Green, Biscotti Black
Apr 2016 Milky Way Mate, Lullaby Dreamcatcher, Deep Space Black
Mar 2016 Chocolate Cake Black, Minty Gunpowder, Carrot Cake
Feb 2016 Rose Amour Black, We Love Mango, Sunshine Lemon Rooibos
Jan 2016 Turkish Delights, Japanese CherryRukeri Rwandan Black
Dec 2015 Cheeky Digestive, Rosey Rhubarb, Earl of Winter
Nov 2015 Blood Orange, Kenilworth, Lemon Meets Ginger

* Some of our members may receive different teas to the ones mentioned above if they have allergies or special requirements


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