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8th December Tea

BRUU - The Gourmet Subscription Tea Club - Pina Colada Green -

A Caribbean green bursting with the taste of summer.

How our drink hits the senses:

Whilst sitting dry in its container waiting to become your BRUU;
We had to hide this tea from our staff as they kept wanting to take a whiff inside the container.

As the drink is BRUUing;
Initial coconut signals before the exotic aspects comes to life.

The taste journey;
Subtly sweet and almost smoky. Green tea drinkers must try and try again...and again. We go cocoNUTS for this beauty.

Best enjoyed;
1tsp // 80°C // 2-3 mins

Nothing but…

Green tea, coconut chips, pineapple pieces, & sunflower petals.

Today's fun

*The Angel*

She sits proudly, gazing down on me,
Elegantly, sophisticated upon the tree,
A shimmering, exquisite, ball-time dress,
Laden with jewels, surely to impress,
A set of eyes, made from clear glass,
Ensuring the slightest touch of class,
Curly, chunky, long, blonde locks,
Wave silently as the Christmas tree rocks,
A dog bounding around, the owner attempting to teach,
Though she stands still as ever, fortunately out of reach,
Here the Angel sits.
Victoria, age 12, England


Today make:    Izmir Iced Tea
Today Try:        Watch the classic Christmas movie - IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE





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