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We are fortunate enough to have a brilliant development team working alongside ourselves to help create the most efficient machines in our Y-series. We decided to go down the semi-automatic route as they are useful for brands (like us), that need to improve their manufacturing process but don’t want to become completely autonomous, for the scale the business is currently operating at.

The Y-series have a machine for every-sized business, and are all able to operate to varying degrees depending on suitability for your business and your needs. Below are the current machines we have in the Y-range; keep your eyes peeled for more machines joining the ‘pack’ in the near future!


The Y-1 is suitable for businesses with more to pack. Our Y-1 specialises in working with heavier or more intricate ingredients that require the correct ration with each dispense; the size of this machine is bigger than the Y-2 but still able to operate on a work-surface with minimal space interference.


Our Y-2 is the smallest machine in our range and is ideal for smaller businesses who would like to speed up the packing process significantly, the bigger the demand grows. Being the size of a microwave certainly has its benefits; it can be transported around easily and stored away if it’s not needed all of the time and again is capable of dispensing all types of dried produce. It carries the smallest price tag, making this one of our best-sellers.

Y-3 series

The Y-3 series is the newest addition to the family and a much sought-after sized machines for those companies packing more. The size of these machines are the largest of the range, but comes on a structure comprising of wheels so it’s easily manoeuvred and transported about, if needs be. Choose from a Small, Medium or Large Y-3!

If any of these brief descriptions have tempted you and sound like something you would like to consider for your business, please feel free to give us a call on 01748 471099.


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