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How our Y-series can save you time and money!


It is 2018. We have technologies out there that can achieve most human activities in a more elegant, precise and efficient way than we can, and in most cases the earlier generation of a product becomes more financially feasible with every updated version. The world wants us to have access to these technologies, which is evident in how companies create a variety of payment methods enabling the majority of consumers to purchase.

The world is developing fast around us and we all need to keep up, so much more so within the world of business, where technologies are required to allow a company to run like a well-oiled machine. Almost makes the human race appear expendable doesn’t it! Gone are the days where intensive labour was at the forefront of employer success; machines are the next big thing and are thriving in their environment!

Whether the business is a start-up, striving to promote knowledge of their product, a well-established company with a team of staff or an ever growing corporation with franchises dotted around the world the same methods of business development are required to ensure full potential of growth.

So, you have a good business model, production is sussed, marketing is well underway and gaining more consumer interest daily, how can you get the product to all those consumers in a time saving, in some cases more hygienic and money saving manner? Our innovative answer was to  jump on the technology bandwagon and develop a range of semi-automatic machines after growing a business to a size that dis-enabled a hand-packing operation. Our packing efforts were brought into the 21st century instantly with one of our state of the art precision-filling machines; whilst still having full control of our packing and having security of knowing its precise, our times have been sliced and we will never look back!

Let us show you the evolution of our machines and how they can evolve your business into a more efficient model, like it has for many companies who have already purchased our packing machines and whose testimonies can be seen on our web-page.

Machines can significantly save time and money – we know this first hand. Prior to the development of these machines, this process was time-consuming and not always effective. Now, these machines just need to be programmed to dispense the desired amount and that’s it; no more is needed, the machine will do its job in a fraction of the time it did take. As for money-saving, these machines are significantly cheaper than the industrial-sized machine offerings that are out there in the market at present and justify themselves almost immediately. The Y-series machines are perfect and there will be certainly one that fits your requirements down to a TEA.


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