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Wolfsbane tea and how it will ward off a werewolf

One of the team members here at BRUU HQ said they’ve recently been binge watching “Teen Wolf” on Netflix and it got us thinking. If werewolves were real threat in modern day society, how would we deal with them?

Upon doing research on some antique scriptures, we found the answer. It’s commonly known that though werewolves are creatures of immense strength, they have one soul weakness. Wolfsbane, deprived from the word “aconitum, is known for its poisonous qualities. A rare flower that grows in windy mountains to the temperate regions throughout western and central Europe. Interestingly, the name “Wolfsbane” was given to it as hunters used to drain the flower for its poisonous qualities and dip their arrows in it to kill wolves.

This got us thinking. There must be a friendlier way to take care of a werewolf these days than shooting them with a poisonous arrow? And there is… TEA.

Simply invite the werewolf around for a spot of lunch and allow them to relinquish their thirst on a lovely homemade wolfsbane tea - yes this is a thing! The perfect weapon for an unsuspecting victim.

Disclaimer: No warewolves were harmed during the creation of this blog :-)

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