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Which of our teas are Caffeine-Free?

We have a fabulous selection of caffeine-free teas and luckily enough, it’s ever-growing so there will be always a new one or two each time you peruse BRUU’s tea-shop! We get numerous emails each month from our lovely members who would like to know which of our teas are caffeine-free as well as other dietary enquiries. There is certainly more of a demand for caffeine-free as excess caffeine can be bad for health and awareness of this is definitely more prominent nowadays.

So, which ones of our teas are free of caffeine? Well, we shall tell you – take a look below at our lovely list of free-from BRUUs!

If Terry’s Did Rooibos – chocolate and rooibos; can this tea get any better?!

Flourish – a cup of floral loveliness.

Liquorice Dream – the name says it all, dreamy!

Cheeky Digestive – yummy, biscuit brilliance.

Calming Camomile – a harmonious herbal.

Garden of the Med – a sunny blend of olive leaves and strawberries.

Lovely Liquorice – again, the clue is in the name!

Malibu – a tropical tease!

Crème BRUUlee – mirrors the delicious dessert!

Strawberry Milkshake  - notes of strawberries and cream.

Sweet Ginger Grass – sweet and fresh with a hint of ginger spice!

Chai Fire – expect a fiery firework display of spice!

Turkish Apple – aromatic apple splendour.

Lockhart Green – a fragrant, refreshing green.

Grandma’s Garden – a mix of sweet and sharp – a berry lover’s delight.

Lemon Waffle – creamy, citrus wow!

Fruity Chai – fruit, spice and all things nice.

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