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When is the best time to drink tea

We hope that you are staying safe during these troubling times, finding something to keep your inner peace. And what’s better to do that than a good BRUU.

Before we can tell you the best time to drink tea, we first need to know what tea means to you. Most people believe tea is just leaves, at best a quick drink to fill spaces in the day. But we see things differently. Every tea is unique, individual and between their leaves hold a celebration of heritage and culture. Tea creates a sense of contentment, that strengthens not only our mental and physical states but also, our incarnation of spirit, enhancing the bond shared between us all.

The time for tea remains a secret that even ancient Shamans don’t know. Since each individual is unique, so is every tea. And therefore, only you can decide when’s best. Whether that be in your sitting room snuggling up with a good book, or on top of a mountain. There’s always the time for perfection.

Many of us enjoy different things, some, a strong Breakfast BRUU to kick start the day, others a Cheeky Digestive in the late afternoon, or even a Calming Chamomile to unwind before bed. No matter what your cup contains it never stops bettering your health. From revving up our metabolisms to improving vascular reactivity to potentially aiding in fertility, the mysteries of tea transgress time. So, don’t be silly, take a sip of the extra-ordinary.

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