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One in four of us are affected by mental health, and the stigma that once used to surround it, thankfully is starting to shift. All you have to do is type #MentalHealthAwareness into any social media site, and up will come a stream of support sites that offer help and advice, for those suffering themselves, or for those supporting other people through a mental health illness.

Bottom line is, to coin the old BT advert, It’s good to talk, and quite frankly, a good BRUU is the best start to any tricky conversation. It is a well known fact that us Brits love a BRUU in a crisis, when you visit friends or family, usually the first thing offered is a cup of tea.

Tea just makes you feel better. FACT.

Ok, maybe not a fact as such, but it is known to have a certain comfort about it. There is science behind this too. Tea naturally contains something called Theanine, which has been proven to have a relaxing and calming effect, and can reduce anxiety.   

With World Mental Health day on October 10th and the focus in society today changing from keeping the ‘stiff upper lip’, to being ‘It’s OK not to be OK’, we thought we would try and share the love a little this month, but more of that to come…

So go on… put the kettle on, and whatever is bothering you, talk about it…

Sophie xxx

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