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Reflection, Family, Hope & Tea

The month of April is an important, communitive time in the year, holding within it all the festivities of Easter. The festivities are a memorial for Jesus’s sacrifice, done through his grace, to allow for our ascension to Heaven in the afterlife. And, as Jesus was reborn, tea provides a rebirth for our taste buds.

Yet, some would argue that the commercialisation of Easter only acts to fill the pockets of corporate owners, benefiting on the products of romanticism they produce, like the 'Easter Egg' - supposedly representing the boulder that was rolled away from His tomb after His resurrection. But the symbol was created in chocolate and therefore, detaches from the true meaning of what Easter is about.

Here at BRUU, we are focusing on the key pillars of Easter, as they are in modern days. We believe the story focuses on reflection, the importance of family and, most importantly, hope. So, in light of this, we’ve devised three tea’s that we feel incarnate the ideology of these pillars.

The first being Lockhart Gold - A splendid black tea packed with flavour and a traditional breakfast tea. The traditional tea focuses on the tradition of reflection, a practice evident consistently throughout history. Reflection sometimes consists of a recollection of past mistakes, but not this tea. It’s the pride and joy of South India’s Tea Estate and a tea that we handpicked, so holds a special place in our heart.

The second is Downy White - It’s spectacular white leaves from Karst Hills in China, brings out the natural sweetness with a low-caffeine hit. Interestingly this tea represents the importance of family. The exotic leaves of the Chinese Hills represent the uniqueness of everyone within the family. In addition, natural sweetness shows the purity of the family. The sweet caring nature of each member, working together to support each other both physically and mentally.

The final, if not most important, is Emperors Treasures – the light, sophisticated black & green blend with flower petals and sencha is fit for an Emperor. This tea is the perfect balance between light and dark, highlighting the complexity of hope. It features the actuality of hope within modern-day society, it’s both a combination between the darkest of times and the purity of light. Arguably, hope cannot be achieved without being in the darkest situations in order to find the light. Furthermore, the feeling of hope is considered the most powerful of all, and therefore, possess the emperor title. Giving omnipotent strengthen to the weak and omnipotent fear of the evil.

So, if during these hard times we must celebrate the festivities of Easter at home, whether it be playing games with the family or jamming out to Jesus Christ Superstar. We’ve made sure the full experience is just a sip away.

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