Our December 2018 Box

Our December 2018 Box

If you are a new member you’ve joined us at the perfect time. For those who have been with us a little longer the wait is over as we unveil the new and exciting BRUU changes that you voted for this year.

Last month we launched the new BRUU box which looks 100 times better than the plain white one we used to send, but behind the scenes a whole lot more has been happening.

To start, we have made significant improvements to the tea engine that drives all your tea selections. From today onwards, your box will be even more personalised and tailored to you. You can now log into your account on our website, where you can change your tea preferences , rate your teas, see previous selections, skip months and update your personal details. Every time you rate a tea our clever engine will change your future selections to send you more of the teas you like and less of those you don’t.

This is the tip of the iceberg and we have so much more in the pipeline as we teach our tea engine more about you. To support selections, we have just doubled our gourmet tea range…yes, you heard correctly, to create even more choice for our clever engine. BRUU is moving with the times and technology, revolving every tea leaf and idea around you.

If this wasn’t enough, as a member of BRUU you now get 10% OFF all our teas in the Teashop when you enter a special code at the checkout. It’s just our way of saying thank you for being a loyal member and to help you stock up on you favourite BRUUs of course! Also, expect to see a lot more surprises and goodies in your future boxes because we love helping you discover new things!

A huge thank you to our wonderful partners this month for all the free goodies in your Christmas box. 9Bar for supplying us with their super, seedy breakfast bars. Moreish and good for you; what’s not to like?!

Another massive thanks to the amazingly talented Lucy Pittaway, an artist who has major skills in the painting department. Local to BRUU HQ, Lucy has kindly provided this month’s front cover, is offering all our members 10% OFF on her website (www.lucypittaway.co.uk using code LPBRUU17) and is giving away one of her characterful framed masterpieces to one lucky winner – to enter, visit our Facebook page for more details.

Last, but certainly not least, a big thank you to Buy Wholefoods Online for supplying you all with some festive mulled wine spices so you can turn one of your BRUUs into a cup of seasonal festivity.

Well, after all this I think we need to get bigger boxes! Thank you for all of your support throughout the year, we couldn’t have better members. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy BRUU Year…

To see more details about the teas you received, simply log into your BRUU account and rate your teas!

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