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Gin and tea – is that a thing?

So, two of my favourite things in the world are a good BRUU or, a great G&T! In a former life, I used to be a rep for various gin companies, travelling the country selling my wares, and gin became something I knew a lot about and thoroughly enjoyed. It also happens to be a tipple many of you will be enjoying this Christmas.

However, with most craft gins now reaching over the 40% ABV mark, and being in charge of a vehicle, it’s not always appropriate to crack on with a G&T! But, a great BRUU is always a good idea, and is much more socially acceptable on a morning! There is room for some overlap nonetheless, G & Tea is now a thing.


This got me thinking about why is it that they work together so well and it could be one of many reasons. Gin is predominantly made with juniper, but contains lots of other botanicals such as fennel seed, cardamom, and nettle, much in the same way as tea! Plus, much like your classic G&T, you can ‘garnish’ your tea with anything you fancy - lemon, milk or sugar to name but a few.

As you know, our office is vibrant and fun, we have astroturf grass as our ‘carpet’, hammocks to swing on, and quite often have Netflix lunch breaks, so my little quirk I introduced to the office when I started was Gin Friday’s – they certainly help to liven up our team strategy meetings! 

Combining G&Tea is truly inspired and now you can drink actual tea gin! Our friends at Masons Yorkshire Gin in Bedale make the most delicious Yorkshire Tea Gin, and likewise, our friends at Noveltea make an incredible Earl Grey gin blend.

So it would seem that both of these trending beverages, gin and tea, truly are a match made in heaven!

Right, it's not Friday, but there is always time for a BRUU, or maybe a G&T...

Sophie xxx

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