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8 things I have learnt in my first month at BRUU

Well hi, I thought it was about time I introduced myself; I am Sophie, the new Head of Marketing here at BRUU towers. With such a busy office, and a rapidly growing team, the time has flown, I’ve been here just over a month and not introduced myself, how rude!

Whilst thinking about what I would like to do with my new role and how I can change the world one BRUU at a time, I obviously learned a whole heap of new stuff about tea that you could never even guess… here are my best bits;

  1. Firstly, Flourish tea will change your life… well, it will be the best tea you have ever tasted!

  2. How I used to like my tea is now ancient history; I was always a black tea, (being Yorkshire born and bred, you can guess which) kinda girl, strong tea, but with lots of milk. I never knew there was such a range of teas to choose from - too many to count! Couple that with the variations of ingredients you can add to it and the options are literally endless. 

  3. Black, Oolong, Green, and White tea are all made from the same leaf, the Camellia Sinensis. The only difference is how long the tea is oxidised for.

  4. Tea, although a very British tradition, isn’t from here at all! Nearly 4000 years ago a Chinese Emperor discovered tea by accident and the rest, as they say, is history.

  5. Green tea has long since been used for its health benefits, great for clearing your digestive system, sleep, weight loss and healthier skin. I am getting married in four months, so this peaked my interest!

  6. There is literally no RIGHT way to have your tea. I thought, much like the world of wine, the world of loose leaf tea would be quite snobby, how wrong I was. As long as you love whatever you are drinking that’s all that matters.

  7. You can blend your own tea. Can’t make your mind up in a morning which of your latest BRUU tea subscription you want to have, don’t worry, put them both together and BRUU… it could be awful, but chances are, you will discover something totally unique and delicious, how exciting!

  8. We have 81 teas here for you to chose from so there is literally a tea for everyone!

Anyway, think the kettle has just boiled…

Sophie xxx

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